Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Great Things Happening for A Hero's Tribute.Org in 2016

2016 brings in a new year and an opportunity to expand the mission of A Hero's Tribute!

In January we will launch a website that pays tribute to all Vietnam Veterans, POW's and MIA's. I have spoken to many veterans about wanting to create a website where they and their families would be able to share their photos and stories and received positive feedback from them. It will be designed similarly to A Hero's Tribute. My hopes and prayers are that in some small way this will give veteran's and their families and the families of POW's and MIA's a place of honor and tribute for their service and sacrifice. 

We are working to finish the plans for Operation Prayer Pals. We will be recruiting prayer warriors to pray for the families that have a fallen hero and for all active military, firefighters, police officers (including their families) who keep us safe day in and day out. Families may submit prayer request to our pray brigade. We will have two options for our prayer warriors. Kids up to twelve years will join operation prayer pals and those thirteen and up will join our prayer brigade. Each recruit will receive a recruitment certificate.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Our Spring 2018 Tour

One of the dreams I have had since founding A Hero's Tribute is to find away to remind this great Nation about the sacrifices that our Fallen Heroes have made. The answer for me is A Hero's Tribute Tour Spring 2018! Our goal is to have an RV wrapped in graphics that will cause them to reflect and remember who made their freedoms possible. A few years ago I passed an rv on a two lane road that had veterans carry our flag and each flag of the armed forces. I had to pull over as they passed. It gave me chills and tears and it reminded me that I owe my freedom to all veterans and those that died defending that freedom. 

It's so easy to not think about what is going on in our world, especially if you're not in a military, firefighter or law enforcement family. Every day these families wake up and pray that their hero will come home. Every family fears the phone call or knock at the door that will change their lives forever. We just need gentle reminders. It means so much to each fallen hero's family that their hero will never be forgotten. We would love for A Hero's Tribute to have a small part in doing that.

Friday, June 12, 2015

For Our Fallen Heroes Families

To Our Fallen Heroes Families:

Our hearts, prayers and deepest sympathy's go out to your family. It's not just your fallen hero that served and sacrificed for the freedoms of us all. 

You may also send up to 40 photos that I will include in their online memorial. Most families send photos of their Hero from infancy to present day. The link below is one example.


If you have a Fallen Hero in your family please contact us so we can help you celebrate their life.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

A Hero's Tributes 10th Anniversary

It's been 10 Years since I created A Hero's Tribute.Org. Even though I had no idea where it would take me it has been a truly humbling and amazing journey. I've made life long friends and A Hero's Tribute has brought comfort to many families of Fallen Heroes. I knew this was what God wanted me to do and I give Him ALL THE GLORY for the gift He has given me. Those that know me know that I am not doing this for recognition. I am a very behind the scenes person. For me A Hero's Tribute is about all of the families across this country whose Fallen Heroes died in the line of duty protecting & serving as Police Officers, Fire Fighters and those in the United States Armed Services.

My heart goes out to each and every family that has to continue living with only the memories they have in their hearts. There biggest fear is that their Fallen Hero will be forgotten. Our country can not let that happen... My one regret is that in the last 10 years I have only been able to do just a small percentage of memorials. That has to change and it's time to come out of my comfort zone. God Bless my Son who showed me that what I am doing makes a difference to the families and A Hero's Tribute is for them.

Every time I work on a memorial I do them through a mother's heart and eyes.so with the knowledge that this could have been my son. He's deployed three times to Iraq and I learned what "Pray With Ceasing" means. Now is the time to grow and expand A Hero's Tribute's Mission so we can pay tribute too many more Fallen Heroes & their families. 

The greatest help that each of you can do is to tell everyone you know about A Hero's Tribute.Org and what we offer families. We'd love for you to like our Facebook Page and follow our blog.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

As an Army mom

I am very proud to be an army mom to an awesome son. In the 82nd Airborne Division he served three tours in Iraq and one tour in Haiti. I can tell you that I learned what the passage means to "pray without ceasing" He is currently stationed at Fort Leonard Wood, MO His Friend James from high school and the Army's ROTS was the first to go into Iraq. He was witha tank division and we sat glued to the TV hoping and praying he wouls be okay. There were so many tragedies it seemed like everyday there casualties . I decided to create A Hero's Tribute.Org to help in some small way for the familes of our Fallen Troops would be of some comfort place to go to be near their Fallen Hero. It's been a long six years and finally we are under the wing of a TeamofGod.Org a 501c3 non-profit organization, allowing us the ability to raise much need funds that will help us getting our message out to our Fallen families and to those who knew them as friends, family or acquaitence. From day one I have never charged a family for a memorial and with the new funds we raise we will help make sure that stays a reality. I create their memorial with reference making it a memorial to equal (God Foribid) as one that I would want for my own son.